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Bring on the Minty Greens!

Over the years I've had a love/hate relationship with actions and presets in general... most that I came across online promised to completely transform your work, but I found that the large majority only made my images look muddy and over-processed.

Then I found Greater than Gatsby... I started with the Innocence Collection and was so impressed by how it perfectly fit my editing style. My images looked clean but still had an artistic style with lots of rich color. Presets that match my editing style AND speed up my workflow? Yes please!

Most recently I had the opportunity to try out the Greater Than Gatsby Watercolor Film Presets for Lightroom and they. are. STUNNERS! I had been craving those minty greens and lighter tones but wasn't always sure how to get the right look. Here are some of my favorites using the Watercolor Film Presets.

(*I also run Imagenomic Portraiture on all of my images)

GTG has become my go-to for presets and actions that speed up my work-flow, enhance my images & keep my galleries consistent. It's important to remember that I almost always tweak some of the settings after running a preset & you should always do the same. Happy editing ya'll!

Don't forget to check-out Greater Than Gatsby Actions & Presets:

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