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Don't Forget to Print Your Photos

I am the first to admit, I am SO guilty of hoarding my personal photos on flash drives and DVD's, and never getting around to printing many of them. I decided to make a change when I had my first external hard drive failure at the end of last year - and I panicked.

If you've had any type of computer failure or file corruption, you will not forget it... Had I lost my only recorded memories of my kids' earliest years? What else was on there that I didn't back up? That couldn't be, I had to have backed up everything somewhere. Right?

As I fumbled through my desk drawers looking for flash drives and backed up DVD's, I remembered I include my personal photos in all of my business back-ups through a system that I pay for... and they were safe! Thank goodness! It was time consuming and stressful to find, download and reorganize them once again. Ug.

The digital world is great - don't get me wrong. Just don't forget how quickly it changes - remember those things called floppy disks?:) Always save your photos in a safe, backed-up place, and most importantly, don't forget to print them. Chances are you will enjoy and treasure those prints & albums much more than that piece of plastic technology.

#print #photoprints

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