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Project Time! | Gallery Wall Display

My photo packages have always included digital images. However, with that choice I have realized that many of my clients admittedly never print some of their photos. It is so easy to share them on social media and then forget about them, so my advice is to do it right away while you're excited to display them.

Now - a little truth here - I am so guilty of waiting months before I print my own photos, but it is never too late to print them... One of my favorite things to do when I visit someone's home is look at their photos that they have displayed - and mostly the older ones! Photos are about memories and tell us where you've been and who you are. So cherish them, and put them up for everyone to enjoy:)

Here is my first gallery wall that I made of my boys at my home. I typically go for canvas, stand-outs or float wraps, but I thought the white frames would really make the photos pop on a dark wall. I have an open office on our second floor at my house, so this wall is right behind me in between the boys' rooms.

I can't help but smile every day when I look at this... using eight frames allowed me to print some of the candid and close-up detail pictures that I am in love with! Seeing them giggle together just makes my heart melt♥

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